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We have launched the Crowdfunding campaign for the new publication: Almost Good by Vincent Dams. This extensive monograph shows Vincent's body of work of the last 18 years. Pre-order this publication or get a special edition with original work by Vincent!

Vincent Dams - Almost Good

ALMOST GOOD is a new publication that we will publish together with Vincent Dams. This monograph will be a comprehensive overview of Vincent's activities as a visual artist with work from the past 18 years. Help us realize this publication and pre-order the book now via the crowdfunding campaign on

Pre-order the publication!

Vincent Dams paints, makes drawings, objects, installations, photos, texts, collages and he invents concepts and fictional characters that realize all this or something else.

His images often have a poetic and absurd character, often with references to sources of inspiration from literature, art history and daily life itself. With a healthy dose of humor and imagination, he takes his audience into his world of experience.

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