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We have launched the Crowdfunding campaign for the new publication: Introducing - Mike Dings & Elise van Staveren - Lucky Charms which you can now pre-order via

Introducing - Lucky Charms

We are working on a new publication: Introducing - Lucky Charms by Elise van Staveren and Mike Dings! They will exhibit together in a duo show at @rubysohogallery in den Bosch, and this publication is a result of, and complementary to the exhibition.

The crowdfunding campaign @voordekunst is live and this is the time to pre-order this book and to help us to realise it!

Pre-order the publication!

Mike Dings & Elise van Staveren

Observations, registrations, memories and personal events are the subjects in Elise van Staveren's work. She tells a personal story with both painting and objects or installations and takes the viewer on a journey into her world.

Spaghetti westerns, cowboys, the Wild West and the associated landscapes, clothing, weapons and atmosphere are the subjects in Mike Dings' paintings. He explores within that how much image of information it takes to depict a given scene or environment to let the imagination do the rest.