Upcoming! Social Debris by Erik Vermeulen

We are currently running the crowdfunding for Erik Vermeulen - Social Debris: a monograph about Vermeulens drawings, sculptures and installations. Erik is a self-described 'observer of social debris'. He digs through mountains of images, tweets, posts and other media expressions in search of images, texts and combinations of both that he feels capture something of the current zeitgeist with all its absurd, pointless and obscure excesses. This material is converted into various drawings and installations, sometimes supplemented with physical debris or discarded items that serve as sculptures in spatial collages. The publication Social Debris provides a broad overview of Erik's practice, his various series of works that all take a different perspective on contemporary reality, and a number of texts that consider his work within the context of the 21st century. You can pre-order the publication through this campaign, or opt for one of the rewards or special editions.


Vincent Dams - Almost Good

Vincent Dams - Almost Good is finished! This extensive monograph by Dams will be launched March 15 at 20:00 hours at KEVN in Eindhoven. If you have pre-ordered this book: come by and pick it up and get it signed by Vincent! After the book-launch it will be available in our shop!