Introducing Vince Donders - Tarmac Utopia

The new publication Tarmac Utopia, by visual Artist Vince Donders will be launched officially on July 15th, 2022 at Gallery Ruby Soho in 's-Hertogenbosch, NL.

The Introducing series focuses specifically on young and emerging artists who we believe should be introduced to a wider audience. These artists show promise in their work, attitude and methods and are ready for the future in these turbulent times.

Vince Donders

Tarmac Utopia is an 84-page publication about Vince Donders' installations, drawings and videos. Since graduating in 2017, Vince has worked tirelessly on monumental installations in art spaces and in public spaces. Through his works he questions the current state of the world, by creating a vision of the future that makes the dark beauty of industrial decay tangible. Introducing text by Paul Segers. Upgrade your bookshelf with Tarmac Utopia!

Grid 2022

Grids are made in multiple shapes and in different materials, only to be tested to the limit, bent, crashed, or otherwise deformed, to see what's left of the grid: its strength, order and possibilities.

Art van Triest

We are working with the highly productive/deconstructive Art van Triest on a publication about his methods, his work and the implications of The Grid at large! We will start a crowdfunding campagne later this year to get this book to the press a.s.a.p.

Grids, wall sculptures 2021

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The weeping Greenhouse 2022

This immersive sound installation refers to climate change, our atmosphere which is already affected. The greenhouse of this installation is delicate and vulnerable, like the earth itself. No plants grow in this glass lung, but a sound composition of alto recorders which are hanging here like artificial organisms, changing there tones by transparant water containers and a waterdripping system. All running on solar power.

Ronald van der Meijs

Also in the works is a publication about the work of Ronald van der Meijs. The elaborate sound installations Ronald creates are beautifully crafted machines that turn slow processes of growth, movement or light into ever changing soundscapes. For the past 20+ years van der Meijs has been working steadily on his oeuvre, that we will represent in the upcoming publication.

The weeping Greenhouse 2022

Thanks to this solar power, the wailing tones of the flutes can be heard and tears of sorrow trickle down. The more the sun will shine, the more the greenhouse starts to drip. It creates a variation of wailing tones as a slow changing sound proces.
The aim is to create a new symbiotic process with the natural elements surrounding the location.
There is a similarity with sadness in this artwork about the earth's climate, on which this work of art also depends. It is controlled and directed by it. Passing clouds and the sun's rays determine the ongoing sound composition.