Ronald van der Meijs - If I should live in the past, I wouldn’t need a memory

We are crowdfunding the publication If I should live in the past, I wouldn't need a memory by Ronald van der Meijs. In more than 200 pages, this monograph shows more than 20 years of work from the impressive oeuvre of Ronald van der Meijs, in which natural processes, technological systems and sound come together in poetic works. These works are produced by van der Meijs with great attention and craftsmanship, usually for specific locations in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ronald van der Meijs

Van der Meijs uses unpredictable and slow natural processes such as growth and the tides as part and subject of many of his works. The machine-like installations create a dialogue between nature and technology or nature versus culture. His works are metaphorical and conceptual adaptations of sound, space, time and material.
Through this campaign you can pre-order the book or order a special edition with a unique multiple or an original work by Ronald. Help us to realize this publication and order it now!

Pre-order the publication!

You can pre-order this publication through Voordekunst, and make sure you've got a copy, or a special edition!

GRID - A Visual Research Project by Art van Triest

We are working on the new publication: GRID - A Visual Research Project by Art van Triest. This publication will show a large body of work in the form of sculptures, exhibition documentation, performances and studio insights.

Art van Triest

This publication will be available in our online shop soon!

Available in June!

The launch of the publication will be held on Saturday June 3rd at Galerie Larik in Utrecht.

"A concrete block is hoisted up to eye-height. Underneath, a metal grid is placed in a clamp on the broken tiles. Silence for just a couple of seconds, then a soft click and the block comes tumbling down and crashes the grid. Art van Triest (1983, Kootwijkerbroek) curiously studies the injuries of his ‘victim’ from all sides before he decides whether it needs one more blow. This one obviously hasn’t had enough yet, and the concrete block rises to the ceiling once more. Hoist, crash, repeat. The shed- turned into workshop is full of victims of the concrete, bent in all possible ways. It is quite hard to bend a grid: the structure provides strength through cohesion. This rigidity is the exact quality of the grid: it is strong, clear and repetitive. It is something you can build on." 

(Fragment of introduction by Paul Segers)

Bijna Goed - Vincent Dams

We are soon launching the Crowdfunding campaign for the new publication: Bijna Goed by Vincent Dams. This extensive monograph shows Vincent's body of work - Vol 1.

Underneath the poetree, 2015

Dams works in various media such as sculptures, installations, drawings, paintings, performances etc.

Green rubies 2020

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